Trademark Prosecution

When a client finds evidence of unlicensed third-party uses of their trademarks KramerAmado evaluates the alleged infringement and provides counseling on the course of action to enforce trademarks against infringers. Many of its cease and desist letters have led to infringers removing their infringing products or uses. They have successfully forced infringers to remove metatags and URLs incorporating its client’s registered trademarks without filing a formal court complaint. Each of their trademark services are tailored to protect the hard-earned good will that its clients have built into their names and ensuring that they retain the exclusive rights to their trademarks.

KramerAmado's attorneys have relationships with practitioners in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, and Mexico. Their network allows them to provide a global acquisition strategy for multinational companies and clients who are exploring emerging markets. Further, they serve as the sole point of contact for the maintenance of worldwide trademark portfolios. The attorneys regularly attend international trademark conferences to grow and maintain our relationships with foreign associates.