The purpose of legal opinions is to give business leaders the information they need to make business decisions. KramerAmado believes that every opinion it prepares must meet the business needs of its clients. Therefore, they strive to provide accurate, thorough, innovative, and timely legal analysis that is tailored to each client's needs and expectations.

KramerAmado's legal professionals have graduated from some of the most highly regarded intellectual property programs in the United States and are abreast of the constantly changing landscape of intellectual property law. Combined with advanced degrees in a wide range of scientific disciplines, these professionals have the skills necessary to apply complex legal analysis to any scientific or engineering challenge.

A right-to-market opinion provides business certainty only if it is based on a comprehensive and in-depth search of the most relevant art. Likewise, an invalidity opinion is often predicated on identifying prior art not previously cited by the USPTO. KramerAmado's internal search capability provides the thoroughness necessary to make sure there are no hidden dangers, or in the alternative, find the prior art describing the claimed invention that threatens its client's business.

The goal is provide a product that works for the business needs of each client. The firm's size allows it the flexibility to tailor specific solutions to the budgets, due dates, and level of analysis that is appropriate based on the purpose of each opinion. Moreover, they strive to produce written opinions that are clear, concise and accessible to legal professionals and business leaders alike. KramerAmado looks forward to sharing its opinion expertise with you.