Patent Prosecution

 KramerAmado’s prosecution attorneys strive to obtain high-quality patents as efficiently as possible. It believes effective patent prosecution begins with a thorough understanding of a client’s new technology as well as the business objectives related to that new technology. The team works with inventors to pursue patent coverage that is not only technically accurate, but also tailored to the unique needs of varying IP strategies according to its clients’ business objectives. Further, by maintaining continued communication with clients, they can continue to adapt IP strategies on a case-by-case basis or in response to changing business requirements.

KramerAmado's attorneys are experienced in drafting and prosecuting applications within widely varying areas including the biochemical, mechanical, and electrical fields. By employing a variety of drafting strategies to properly claim inventions as patentable subject matter under U.S. law, a variation in equivalent foreign patent applications according to foreign law presents itself.

In addition to protection in the U.S., KramerAmado analyzes clients’ business objectives and strategies to identify the ideal foreign countries for seeking expanded geographic patent coverage. From there they coordinate with a broad network of foreign associates to manage prosecution of international and foreign patent applications while maintaining consistent protection across the globe.

The main office is located two (2) blocks away from the USPTO This close proximity enables its attorneys to regularly conduct in-person interviews with USPTO Examiners during prosecution. By establishing a rapport with the Examiner, they are better prepared and more capable to demonstrate the novelty of the invention. This, in turn, tends to lead to a shorter and more productive prosecution. In many cases,this process allows KramerAmado to obtain the most comprehensive patent coverage available.