Christopher D. Jones, M.A.

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The University of South Florida, M.A. - Chemistry
High Point University, B.S. - Chemistry & Spanish

Chris has a diverse background in both chemical and biochemical technologies. Mr. Jones obtained his B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Spanish from High Point University where he conducted research in polymer chemistry. Specifically, the research was related to developing porous materials that could be used to convert fatty acids, such as vegetable oil, into biodiesel fuel. Mr. Jones presented the results of this research at numerous conferences including a national American Chemical Society meeting. As an undergraduate student Mr. Jones also worked as a pharmacy technician and obtained an internship as an organic synthesis intern at Syngenta in Greensboro, NC. Mr. Jones performed the synthesis and analytical characterization of various organic compounds and metabolites related to existing and developmental products and was introduced to basic intellectual property principles in his time at Syngenta.

After completing his B.S., Mr. Jones began working at the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy where he worked as a research assistant. Specifically, Mr. Jones worked in a Cell and Molecular Biology laboratory where he worked on the development of new cancer therapies and conducted various chemical, biological, and biochemical experimental procedures including cell harvesting, minimum inhibitory concentration testing, and western blot analysis.

Mr. Jones then transitioned into graduate school at the University of South Florida where he worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant under Dr. Michael Zaworotko. Mr. Jones’s research was directed towards drug development and formulation, specifically the development of solid and crystalline forms of new and existing drug compounds. Mr. Jones investigated pharmaceutical cocrystals and salts as candidates for improving physicochemical properties of new and existing drug molecules. Mr. Jones’s coursework as a graduate student included numerous disciplines including drug design and development, nanomaterials, bioorganic molecules, and analytical chemistry techniques.

Mr. Jones is currently pursuing his J.D. (Patent Law Track) as a part-time evening student at George Mason University School of Law.